Your body’s wellbeing is fundamental; there is no argument about that. It is the only asset that you naturally need to invest in as much as possible.
What even makes it interesting is the fact that the only way you can invest in it is through exercising and eating healthy.
In this article, I will let you know how drinking vegetable smoothie can boost the metabolism of your body in a significant way.

So what is a smoothie in the first place?

It is a relatively thick but smooth natural beverage that is made through blending or pureeing of different types of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other vital ingredients.
Smoothie is essential in enhancing your overall health especially if you happen to take it almost on a daily basis.
So let’s now talk of the bigger picture here; how smoothie can help in boosting your body’s metabolism.
Two critical aspects define an ultimate smoothie that can be beneficial to your health in regards to boosting your metabolism.

First of all, not just any smoothie can enhance your metabolism. You need to find the best ingredients that contain the essential compounds.
Secondly, you need to be meticulous when it comes to the manner in which you blend the particular ingredients for a smoothie.
If you can’t blend it right, sorry to say but the truth is that your smoothie will be plain and won’t have any meaningful value addition to your overall health.
Whenever you’re planning to prepare an ideal smoothie, ensure that you factor in these two significant aspects.

In essence, improving metabolism requires ingredients that will make it possible for your body to break down the fats effectively.

The Recipes that Make Great Metabolism Boost Smoothies

We have tons of food ingredients that are rich in compounds that can enable your body to shed off the fat faster and naturally.
One of these combinations is the ginger/pineapple smoothie. Apparently, fresh ginger contains some of the powerful metabolism properties that you can ever imagine.
You can always substitute citrus for pineapple in this smoothie, but at the end of the day, you’ll be able to get a quality beverage.

Green tea

This is the other ideal food ingredient that you might just need if you’re struggling with relatively low metabolism.
You only need to add a few ingredients when preparing it so that you get a smoothie with metabolic powers.
For instance, when you mix it with lemon, cinnamon, cayenne paper and hot water, you’ll get an ideal energy boosting drink.
The best thing with green tea smoothie is that it gives you more energy and also sufficiently burns fat relatively fast.


If you’d wish to boost your metabolism and at the same time stay filled throughout the day, then this is the particular combination that you ideally require to drink often.
These ingredients are rich in proteins and vitamins. So you can decide to drink this smoothie rather than taking breakfast and believe me you will be full and energetic throughout the day.
Some of the ingredients that you can use include in making this apple smoothie include a banana, which is also essential because it is rich in potassium. You also need a little milk, Greek yogurt, and cinnamon.
If you want to attain the best out of this particular smoothie, ensure that you blend all these ingredients until you get the level of thickness that you prefer, then drink.

Peanut butter smoothie

peanut butter boosting smoothie

Just like almond, peanut butter is also rich in protein compounds. So it means that if you choose to make a peanut butter smoothie, be guaranteed of extended hours of energy during the day.
This is essential because it not only allows you to perform your day to day tasks in an efficient manner but also ensures that you remain healthy.
When preparing this meal you can check my article How to find the essential vegan kitchen tools to prepare your kitchen tools, it is vital to include at least one banana, few leaves of spinach, and natural hemp protein. A mixture of all these ingredients gives you an energetic and metabolic boosting smoothie that you can ever think of.

Berry smoothie

For better health, it is important to drink a smoothie that can get rid of the toxins in your body and at the same time enhance your metabolism.
Berry smoothie is one of these drinks that can make it possible for you to have a delicious meal and also detoxify your liver. This food ingredient contains antioxidants.
To get maximum metabolism enhancing results from this recipe, you need to include beet juice, a banana, fresh blueberries and fresh raspberries.
When blending, make sure that you also add water until you get to your preferred thickness or thinness of the smoothie for that matter.

But one thing is for sure; a well prepared and balanced berry smoothie gives you the ultimate desirable results when it comes to improving your health in overall.
Other than the smoothie combinations that we have highlighted above, it is significant to know that we also have other ones, which are equally essential when it comes to boosting your metabolism.
The most important thing that you should always do is ensure that all the smoothie recipes are balanced. It is the only way you’ll be able to get the best out of the drink.
Then another area that you must also look into is how you serve the smoothie in regards to whether or not it’s fresh.

Serving fresh smoothie is advantageous in the sense that it is still rich in nutrients. That is not to say however that you can’t drink smoothie is not prepared that hour.
You just need to get a suitable container, store it well in your fridge then take it later on. Nonetheless, it should not last for more than three days.
It is that simple! If you need to live healthy, lose weight and stay energetic all the times, you need to consider drinking the smoothies mentioned above.
At the end of the day, if you fail to invest in your body, nobody shall do it for you.

Food Combinations for Metabolism boosting smoothie

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